About us

Firstly known as XVX/Womier, XVX Keyboard was founded in 2020, dedicating ourselves to designing and manufacturing custom mechanical keyboards and related peripherals. Our core team members are a group of keeb lovers who have over 7-year experience in this industry. Womier Acrylic series successfully hit the market with its unique style and fancy backlighting performance in 2020 when we were just a startup. Guided by the enthusiasm and responsibility, we managed to strategically partner with many top factories and creative designers. Our steady supply chains allow us to continuously bring up cost-effective, high quality and visually expressive keyboards for our users.

With the goal of "Let the keyboard express", XVX will come up with more modifying-friendly peripherals and interesting themed keyboard collections. We are always open to any suggestions and fancinating ideas, feel free to contact us at support@xvxchannel.com or through social media pages to have a chat. After all, mechanical keyboards are all about FUN!