XVX Minimalist Style BOW 137-Key MOA Profile Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set

$24.99 USD
Type: keycaps
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Total Keys: 137 keys
Profile: MOA Profile
Material: PBT
Printing Method: Dye-sublimation


All MX switches and MX-styled clones
Fit for most of ANSI Layout 61/68/84/87/100/104/108 keys mechanical keyboard

What's in the box

Keycap Set x 1
Keycap Puller x 1
*Kind reminder: This set does not include a keyboard.

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Note 1: Currently we only provide Windows 64-bit version software.

Note 2: Only if there is a problem with your Womier K61, K66, or K87 keyboard firmware need to download the upgrade patch. Please check the upgrade guides below first:

  • For Windows system: Link
  • For macOS system: Link
For XVX Products
Product Description Download
XVX M61 Pro Software for XVX M61 Pro
Series Keyboards
⏬Download Here
XVX H61 Software for XVX H61
Series Keyboards
⏬Download Here
XVX L75 Software for XVX L75 Series Keyboards Download Here
XVX L75 Pro Software for XVX L75 Pro Series Keyboards ⏬Download Here
XVX M84 Software for XVX M84 Series Keyboards Download Here
XVX M61 Software for XVX M61 Series Keyboards ⏬Download Here
XVX M61 Tiger (Limited Editon)/M61 Kanagawa Software for XVX M61 Tiger (Limited Editon) and M61 Kanagawa keyboards Download Here
XVX M87 Software for XVX M87 Keyboard Download Here
XVX M87 Pro  Software for XVX M87 Pro Keyboard Download Here
XVX G705 Series Gaming Mouse Software for XVX G705 Gaming Mouse Download Here
XVX G605 Software for XVX G605 Gaming Mouse Download Here
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Womier W-K87 Software for Womier W-K87 Keyboard Download Here
Womier K61/K61 Pro Software for Womier K61 Series Keyboards Download Here
Womier K61/K61 Pro Upgrade Patch Download Here
Womier K66 Software for Womier K66 Keyboard Download Here
Womier K66 Upgrade Patch Download Here
Womier K68/K68 Pro Software for Womier K68 Keyboard Download Here
Womier G75 Software for Womier G75 Keyboard Download Here
Womier K87/K87 Botanical/K87 Pro/K87 Planet Software for Womier K87 Series Keyboards

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Womier S-K75 Software for Womier S-K75 Keyboard Download Here
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Alvin Åkesson
Typing joy on a budget!

This is my first real custom keycap set and the profile is remarkable in nearly every aspect. I have them paired with AKKO/TTC Demon Switches and a MonsGeek M1 QMK kit. A pure "Budget" getup (minus the switches as they can be quite expensive), if you were to be asking any true keyboard enthusiast.

Despite their height compared to XDAs, I find myself enjoying them quite a lot. My first attempt on Monkeytype.com with MOAs bumped my wpm (words per minute) up to 92 from my previous score of 86 using OEMs. These just feel so natural to type on. The grooves in which your fingers are placed feel very pleasant and the rounded corners of the keycaps are reminiscent of caressing marshmallows. Hardened, solidified and curved marshmallows... They also compliment the sound of the board and switches really well.

The texture does feel very premium and if it isn't PBT, then I don't know what it would be. Its matte finish really makes these feel like a $60+ keycap set. I got these for below $25. (Though it remains to be seen what they will look like in a year, naturally.)
I should, however, add that the lettering isn't perfect. Some keycaps have spots of dye in certain areas of the surface and therefore does bring the score down a little. This is however, very justified for the price tag and it is not something that bothers me.

It's astonishing how little money you can spend to get something worthwhile these days.
The novelty keys is the cherry on top. I'm a filthy milk drinker myself, so the milk carton had to serve a very special function in my case.

There are, however, some gripes I have regarding cheap sets like these. This set - specifically the modifier keys - has a really tight stem and due to the keycap profile being so high, it requires a lot of force to remove them.

I actually ended up harming (I think) my switches by pulling them halfway out from the keyboard case when removing these keycaps, therefore I would recommend being very careful as you remove them. Do not yank or jerk the keycaps as you pull them off.

The issue with my current switch set is that because of the clips (or bottom housings) being damaged, each of the affected switches makes a subtle ticking sound when either pushed down or released gently. It is very distracting and I will probably have to buy myself a new set of switches because of this.
I'm not sure whether this is the real cause of the ticking sound, but as it started after removing the keycaps, this is my assumption.

Otherwise this is a solid set for a newcomer to the custom keyboard space or a very valid alternative set for enthusiasts who'd like to try out the profile (and have a few extra switches in case things go wrong).

Reviewed by Happy Cappies